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My Own Telenovela - Documentary

Jorge Weller's moving personal story, told through a family reunion after decades of separation, becomes a universal journey of love and loss. The uniquely emotional film touches upon some painful issues of modern life: the price of immigration, complex family relations, and how society relates to people with cognitive disabilities. Script, Director and Producer: Jorge Weller. Co-producers: Israel TV Channel 2, the New Israel Fund, the Shalem Fund. Festivals: Jerusalem, New York (Lincoln Center), Los Angeles, Buenos Aires

"I want to thank you and your family for giving me such a sensitive human experience. It lifted my spirit and made me believe in humanity and the beauty of the world."

Gila Gargol

"I cried all through the film. It was very moving. I think you've created a marvelous film."

Shlomo Katz

"I was moved. It's a truly great film. Wherever you cried, I cried with you. This film is great in its simplicity."

Nava Angel

"An outstanding film. It's very moving, but also very fair, because it does include elements of a telenovela. Your approach was very honest and touching. I wish to congratulate you on this film. I watched it with some tears and considerable appreciation."

Eitan Green

"Your film is exceptional. Beautiful, gentle, sensitive, moving, humane, with a Zionist touch as well. Important in every respect."

Edna Peer

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