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Salsa Tel Aviv

Feature film. Romantic comedy with a social message. Viki, a Mexican Salsa dancer and single mother, flies to Israel to work illegally, to provide for her young son, left behind in her mother's care. On the plane she meets Yoni, a young Israeli scientist, on his way to marry his rich girlfriend. The resulting love story is dramatic and funny, stormy and moving. Original Idea and Director: Jorge Weller. Cast: Angelica Vale (Mexico), Angel Bonanni (Israel). Producer: Zvi Shpilman - IsraFilms.
Festivals: Jerusalem, Guadalajara, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, London, Amsterdam

"Salsa Tel Aviv is funny and very enjoyable. Without taking itself too seriously, it manages to deliver an effective message about the lives and rights of foreign workers. This film gives us something that most Israeli films don't even try to give: Fun. Go see Salsa Tel Aviv! It will make you feel so good! Grade: 4 Stars."

Eden Gurion, Entertainment & Stage

"Target audience: romantic souls. Modest, sensitive, restrained."

Yehuda Stav, Yediot Aharonot

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