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Jorge (Johanan) Weller Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Cinema and TV Director-Scriptwriter-Producer

Jorge (Johanan) Weller

Cinema and TV Director-Scriptwriter-Producer


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina    1955

Immigrated to Israel     1978

Graduate of the National Film Institute – Buenos Aires      1978

Graduate of Film and Television – Tel Aviv University        1981

Argentinean, Israeli and European citizenships

Jorge (Johanan) Weller

Cinema and TV Director-Scriptwriter-Producer


Address: 20 Rambam Street, Ra’anana, Israel

Cellular:  +972-522-456485





2015-17 - Creator & Director of LOVE IN SHLEIKES,  romantic comedy, feature film for cinema, with Yehuda Barkan ,Nitza Shaul, Shlomo Bar-Aba, Michal Yanai, Yifhtach Klein; Producers: Moshe Edri, Ofer Naim, United King Films  (in postproduction).


2012-14 - Creator, Director & Producer of THE CENTER, comic drama, TV miniseries for Israel's Channel 1 with the support of the Jerusalem Film & TV Fund.


2010-11 – Creator & Director of SALSA TEL AVIV, feature  film for cinema with Angelica Vale, Angel Bonanni; Festivals: International Film Festival Guadalajara Mexico, Israel Film Festival New York, Miami & Los Angeles, Jerusalem Film Festival, Shanghai International Film &TV Festival, 35 International Jewish Film Festivals in the USA and worldwide; Coproduction: Israfilm, with the support of the Israel Film Fund and the New Israel Film Fund.


2009 - Creator & Director of THE FUN FILM PROJECT, original interactive empowerment workshop for companies, organizations and communities, based on films and humor; Participants create and take part in short films, based on their own stories and experiences; Guiding concept: humor, laughter and positive thinking as a way of life.


2008 - Creator, Director & Producer of HOW TO MAKE A MOVIE - interactive one-man show for children and youth; more than 800 performances  in the Cinematheques of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.


2006 - Production Services in Israel for DJIAD - 2 x 90' war telefilm for CANAL+, France; Noé Productions, Producer: Jacques Ouaniche.


2005 - Creator & Producer of  LIKE A FISH WITHOUT WATER, romantic comedy for Israel's Channel 2, with the support of Reshet, Gesher Film Fund and AVI CHAI Film Fund; Participated in more than 50 International Jewish Film Festivals in the USA, Europe and South America.


2004 - Scriptwriter, Director & Producer of LOVE IN AUTUMN, romantic comedy series, 2nd season for Israel's Channel 1, Locolindo Productions, starring Leah Koenig and Yehuda Barkan  


  1. - Producer of WILD STAR – original quiz show in 15 programs for the Fox Kids Channel in Israel, Locolindo Productions.


2003 – Producer & Director of LOVE IN AUTUMN, romantic comedy series, 2nd season for Israel's Channel 1, Locolindo Productions, starring Leah Koenig and Yehuda Barkan


2001 - Scriptwriter, Director & Producer of MY OWN TELENOVELA, documentary, co-production with Israel's Channel 2, the New Israel Fund & the Shalem Fund; Aired on Channel 2 with great success; Festivals:Jerusalem Film Festival 2001, International Jewish Film Festival New York 2001, Israel Film Festival, Los Angeles 2002.


2000 – Director of “Starting Over”, a full-length TV drama for Israel Channel 2, Telad. Producer: Galia Albin (single camera)


1999 – Director of THE WOMAN IN GREY, TV drama series, 3 new chapters, 50 minutes each, for Israel’s Channel 1.  (single camera)


1998 – Director of THE DENVER FILE, TV drama series “4 chapters, 50 minutes each, for Israel’s Channel 2, Reshet;  Producer: Yair Dori International (single camera).


1998 – Director of MOSSAD,  TV drama series “Argentina – Israel co-production, 7 chapters, 50 minutes each. (single camera)

Producer: Yair Dori International


1997 – Director of FATAL MONEY, drama series,  13 chapters, 50 minutes each, for Israel’s Channel 2, Keshet. (single camera)

Producer: Set Productions


1996-2008 – Director, Scriptwriter and Producer of more than 40 TRIGGER FILMS- Dramas for training purposes, for   Eshel Communications, Joint Israel (single camera)


1995 – Scriptwriter and Director of THE SLAPSTICK WEDDING, silent comic series,, 25 chapters, 1 minute each, for Israel’s Channel 2; with Eyal Kitzis


1994 – Creator & Director of CHEMISTRY, a romantic comedy Educational tv


1995 – 1990 Weller directs articles, promotional films, commercials, documentary films, and instructional films for television channels


1990 –Scriptwriter, Director & Producer of WOMAN IN BLACK,Documentary


1989 - Scriptwriter, Director & Producer of NO TE METAS, (see prizes)


1986 - Creator & Director of All MY LOVING feature film for cinema with Alon Abutbul, Dov Maoz


1981- Creator, Scriptwriter, Editor & Director of ERNESTO, drama , 40 minutes . See prizes


1978 - Scriptwriter, Director, Editor & Producer of THE SON’S DEPATURE , Comedy, (see prizes)





NO TE METAS, a drama psychological thriller, starring Roberto Polak, Gila Stern, Rashid Mashrawi, 30 minutes, 16 mm, won the following awards:


Outstanding Film Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival


Gran Premio (Grand Prize) at the International Short Film Festival in Bilbao, Spain


Golden Plaque Award at the Chicago Festival, USA.


Chosen to participate as guest of honor in the following Festivals:


  • London, England

  • Paris, France

  • Montpellier, France

  • Clermont  Ferrand, France

  • Washington, USA 

  • Tampere, Finland

  • Alberta, Canada

  • Bologna, Italy

  • Quebec, Canada

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Oberhausen, Germany                              


Sold to and broadcast by the following TV stations:

  • Netherlands, Channel 3

  • Belgium, RTBF

  • Los Angeles, PBS

  • Australia

  • Zimbabwe

  • Israel


BRIDE & GROOM AND A BABY?. The Jerusalem Film Festival Award  1991



First prize at the Short Film Competition of the Israeli Film Institute, 1981

Best Actor: Roberto Pollack




First Prize at the Short Film Competition, Argentina-Brazil 1977




Jerusalem Film Festival 2001

International Jewish Film Festival New York 2001

Israel Film Festival : Los Angeles 2002






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